L.M. Helm

Have you ever been the only one not on meds?

I have a friend who’s going apostate. And he has anti-anxiety meds, anti-depressants, and ADHD meds coursing through his veins. During our conversations, I have reasoned, explained, wept, pleaded, and raged, while he sits there cool as a cucumber. It’s a strange thing, like an episode of the Twilight Zone, to pulse with emotion while the person opposite you just […]

Hero/Villain Symmetry

I watched Captain Phillips recently because it’s in the Thriller Genre (and so is Wolfwalker) and I was struck by the almost perfect symmetry between the film’s hero and villain.

How to grow

Last month I shared with you my conclusion that I can in fact grow, which is important because my word for the year is ‘grow.’ But how? How do I grow? Frankly, I don’t know. Well, I have some suspicions, but nothing definite. Here’s what I’ve figured out so far: 1: How to kill sin John […]

Learning to act the play out

“We must meet reverses boldly, and not suffer them to frighten us, my dear. We must learn to act the play out. We must live misfortune down!”

What I learned from Barbenheimer

Barbenheimer t-shirt.

Barbenheimer is probably the best example of counter-programming since Animal Planet scheduled the Puppy Bowl on the same night as the Superbowl.