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Fleshwalker book cover.

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“If you or someone you know thinks they don’t like reading for fun, think again! This book and its prequel, Spiritwalker, are action packed, filled with suspense, and keep you longing for more.” 
–Amazon Review

“Craney’s coming… and he’s got the devil with him!”

When Matthew Craney rides into Amity, Snarf thinks he’s there for vengeance. But Craney, guided by supernatural visions of the future, has darker plans for Snarf and his little town.

Can Snarf save his town and his friends from a man bound to the devil?

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Meet Luke

I first felt the power of story on Christmas Day, 1995. Curled up on the concrete floor of our unfinished basement, bathed in the dim light of a “big screen” TV – every TV is big when you’re in 2nd grade – I watched another Luke, Luke Skywalker, learn how to use to the Force, learn how to fight Darth Vader, learn how to live.

It took me some 20 years to understand what happened to me that night. To learn just what it is that happens to any of us when we hear a story.

You see, story is old. Very old. Older than the trees around you. Older than the rocks under you. Story was there with Wisdom in the beginning and can say with her, “I was formed before ancient times… before the earth began.”

When you tell a story, you play with C.S. Lewis’s Deep Magic.

When you tell a story, you touch the hidden cords that bind us to God.

When you tell a story, you had best take off your shoes because you are standing on holy ground.

I’m the son of a pastor, a graduate of film school, a homeschool father of four, and I’m obsessed with telling stories. Good stories. True stories. Stories that entertain, educate and elevate.

I pray your teens enjoy them.

L.M. Helm