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“Craney’s coming, and he’s got the devil with him.” 

Snarf blew up Matthew Craney’s mountain of stolen gold. So, when Craney rides into Amity, Snarf thinks he’s there for vengeance. But Craney, guided by supernatural visions of the future, has even darker plans for Snarf and his little town. 

Can Snarf save Amity and the girl he loves from a man bound to the devil?

Available in: Hardback, Paperback, eBook, and Largeprint (on Barnes & Noble only)



A man can pull a trigger in a second, but what happens after goes on forever.”

Twelve years ago, a boy appeared on the porch of his uncle’s saloon with no name and no living parents. Now he’s got a name, or a nickname at least, Snarf, and a head filled with wild dreams of becoming a bounty hunter. But when a lone Indian rides into town with a half-dead outlaw over his saddle, trouble comes for Snarf, propelling him onto a perilous adventure that will test his soul and change him forever.

Available in: Hardback, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook, and Largeprint (on Barnes & Noble only)

The Little Horse

A Short Story

When all seems lost, dreams come true. After witnessing the birth of Baby Jesus, The Little Horse dreams of being ridden by Him. So he spends his life in passionate pursuit of the King of Kings – across the River Jordan, into the wilderness, and even to the Cross – but The Little Horse always just misses his chance to be ridden. Then when all seems lost, his dream comes true.

This heart-felt story will inspire your whole family.

Available in: Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

L.M. Helm

I live in Indiana with my wife and growing family. My writing blends action-packed adventure with deep thoughtfulness and warmth. You can get the latest news about my books by signing up for my monthly newsletter – just click the button below!

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